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Benzyl Chloride 5 Litre

Also known as α-chlorotoluene

H.S.Code 29039940 CAS No. 100-44-7
Molecular Formula C7H7Cl Molecular Weight 126.58
Physical State Liquid Refractive index 1.5415
Odour Strong, irritating odor Solubility in water Very slightly soluble
Density 1.1 g/mL Flash point 67 °C
pH value Melting Point -39 °C

About Benzyl Chloride

Benzyl chloride, or α-chlorotoluene, is an organic compound which is colourless to slight yellow in appearance. Benzyl chloride is prepared industrially by the gas-phase photochemical reaction of toluene with chlorine:

Industrially, benzyl chloride is the precursor to benzyl esters, which are used as plasticizers, flavorants, and perfumes.

Benzyl Chloride Molecular Image

Benzyl chloride Specifications

Packaging 5 litre
Form Liquid
Colour Colorless fuming liquid
Grade Commercial
Hazard Class
Storage Store Benzyl chloride in a dry place. Keep container tightly closed.
Shelf Life 36 Months
Benzyl Chloride 5 Ltr Can

5 Litre