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Methylene Di Chloride 5 Litre

Also known as MDC, Dichloromethane, Methylene bichloride

H.S.Code 29031200 CAS No. 75-09-2
Molecular Formula CH2Cl2 Molecular Weight 84.93
Physical State Liquid Refractive index 1.4244
Odour Chloroform-like Solubility in water Slightly Soluble
Density 1.3266 g/cm3 Flash point
pH value Melting Point −96.7 °C

About Methylene Di Chloride

Methylene Di Chloride also known as Dichloromethane is an organochlorine compound with the formula CH2Cl2. It is a colorless liquid with a chloroform-like, sweet odour which is widely used as a solvent in chemical research and manufacturing. It is produced by treating either chloromethane or methane with chlorine gas at 400–500 °C.

Methylene Di Chloride is used as an Adhesives and sealant chemicals, in Paint additives and coating and in Pharmaceuticals. In the food industry, it is used to decaffeinate coffee and tea.

Methylene Di Chloride Molecular Image

MDC Specifications

Packaging 5 litre
Form Liquid
Colour Colourless
Grade Commercial
Hazard Class
Storage Store MDC in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.
Shelf Life 36 Months
Methylene Di Chloride 5 Ltr Can

5 Litre