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Acrylonitrile 5 Litre Can

Also known as 2-Propenenitrile, Cyanoethene, Vinyl cyanide

H.S.Code 29261000 CAS No. 107-13-1
Molecular Formula C3H3N Molecular Weight 53.064
Physical State Liquid Refractive index 1.3911
Odour Pungent odor of garlic or onions Solubility in water Soluble
Density 0.81 g/cm3 Flash point −1 °C
pH value Melting Point −84 °C

About Acrylonitrile

Acrylonitrile an organic compound, is a colorless volatile liquid although commercial samples can be yellow due to impurities. Acrylonitrile, also known as vinyl cyanide, is a man-made VOC. Acrylonitrile is produced by catalytic ammoxidation of propylene, also known as the SOHIO process.

Acrylonitrile is an important monomer for the manufacture of useful plastics such as polyacrylonitrile. It is also a precursor in the industrial manufacture of acrylamide and acrylic acid. Acrylonitrile is used in the manufacture of acrylic and modacrylic fibres for use in clothing and textiles, such as fleece jumpers, sportswear, carpets and upholstery.

Acrylonitrile Molecular Image

Acrylonitrile Specifications

Packaging 5 litre
Form Liquid
Colour Colourless
Grade Commercial
Hazard Class
Storage Acrylonitrile must be stored is tightly closed containers in a cool, wellventilated area.
Shelf Life 24 Months
Acrylonitrile 5 Ltr Can

5 Litre