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Ytterbium Metal Powder 99.9%

Also known as Yb, Ytterbium

H.S.Code 28053000 CAS No. 7440-64-4
Molecular Formula Yb Molecular Weight 173.04
Physical State Solid Refractive index
Odour Solubility in water
Density 6.54 g/Ml Flash point
pH value Melting Point 824˚C

About Ytterbium Metal Powder

Ytterbium metal powder is a form of Ytterbium that is a soft, malleable, and ductile rare earth element that displays a bright silvery luster in its pure form. It is widely used as an additive for special steel and special alloy materials.

Ytterbium Molecular Image

Ytterbium Metal Specifications

Packaging 500 gm
Form Powder
Colour Gray to Black
Hazard Class
Storage Store in airtight sealed container. Avoid light.
Shelf Life 60 Months
Ytterbium Powder

500 gm