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Fluoboric acid

Also known as Tetrafluoroboric acid, Fluoroboric acid

H.S.Code 28111990 CAS No. 16872-11-0
Molecular Formula HBF4 Molecular Weight 87.81
Physical State Liquid Refractive index 1.3284
Odour Odorless Solubility in water Soluble
Density 1.28 Flash point
pH value 0.1 Melting Point −90 °C

About Fluoboric acid

Fluoboric Acid is a colorless, odorless liquid with a very low pH (0.1 at 20ºC). Fluoboric Acid is a CORROSIVE CHEMICAL and contact can cause severe skin burns and eye irritation and burns with possible eye damage.

Fluoboric acid is used in copper, lead and tin plating. It is also used for chemical laboratory applications. It is used in electroplating, metal cleaning and making diazo salts.

Fluoboric Molecular Image

Fluoboric acid Specifications

Packaging 500ml, 5litre
Form Liquid
Colour Colourless
Grade For Synthesis
Hazard Class
Storage Store in tightly closed containers in a cool, well-ventilated area.
Shelf Life 24 Months
Fluoboric acid Bottle

500 ml