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Erichrome Black T

Also known as Mordant Black 11, Solochrome Black T

H.S.Code 32041990 CAS No. 1787-61-7
Molecular Formula C20H12N3NaO7S Molecular Weight 461.4
Physical State Solid Refractive index 1.75
Odour Odorless Solubility in water Slightly soluble in water
Density Flash point
pH value Melting Point

About Erichrome Black T

Eriochrome Black T is a complexometric indicator that is used in complexometric titrations, e.g. in the water hardness determination process. When used as an indicator in an EDTA titration, the characteristic blue end-point is reached when sufficient EDTA is added and the metal ions bound to the indicator are chelated by EDTA, leaving the free indicator molecule.

Erichrome Black T Molecular Image

Erichrome Black T Specifications

Packaging 25 gm, 100 gm
Form Powder
Colour Brownish Black
Hazard Class
Storage Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place
Shelf Life 36 Months
Erichrome Black T Bottle

100 gm